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Does the new home have no electricity? Is the account opening procedure too complicated for you? Can’t find your PDL? Is the electricity bill too expensive?

YUEZU cooperates with many power companies and Enedis(French power Grid) to serve you wholeheartedly.

At the same time, prevent failures of account opening or extra charges, due to incomplete information during your account opening.

In addition, we can also enjoy our preferential electricity and gas prices.

Already contracted under other companies, you can also transfer to us, to enjoy our service with out any charge.

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In France, it is common to open a new home power a week before moving, because if there is no previous guest, the electricity may has been cut off.

In this case, assuming the old meter, the technicians of the Enedis(French Power Grid) needs to be powered on, well the new Linky meter could be powered on the next day.

Technicians usually have to make an appointment 3 business days in advance (more than 5 business days during the peak summer vacation period), unless you pay the additional high fees, and in the case if the technicians have free time to power up in advance.

When opening an account, you must have a PDL number (Point de Livraison). This number is only available on the electricity bill or on the new meter.

If you don’t, you will encounter many problems, because most of the buildings in France do not have a house number, which will lead to the electricity of the neighbors.

Based on cooperation with the Enedis(French Power Grid), YUEZU can assist you in finding and confirming PDL numbers to prevent such accidents.

When opening an account, you also need to have a meter number to prevent mistaking the electricity bill or to prevent the special meter reading fee.

Electricity price

PowerFix part €EDF €/kwhYuezu €/kwh
3 kVA7.630.144400.13360
6 kVA9.150.144400.13360
9 kVA10.760.146000.13500
12 kVA12.440.146000.13500
15 kVA14.070.146000.13500
18 kVA15.760.146000.13500
24 kVA19.540.146000.13500
30 kVA23.310.146000.13500
36 kVA26.280.146000.13500
PowerFix part €EDF Pleine€/kwhYUEZU Pleine €/kwhEDF Creuse €/kwhTotal Spring Creuse €/kwh
6 kVA10.260.157200.145100.122200.11350
9 kVA12.530.157200.145100.122200.11350
12 kVA14.670.157200.145100.122200.11350
15 kVA16.660.157200.145100.122200.11350
18 kVA18.480.157200.145100.122200.11350
24 kVA22.680.157200.145100.122200.11350
30 kVA26.420.157200.145100.122200.11350
36 kVA29.880.157200.145100.122200.11350

Gas price

zone of consommationZone GDRFix part €EDF €/kWhYUEZU €/kWh
B1Zone 120.80.05980.0547
B1Zone 220.80.06050.0553
B1Zone 320.80.06130.056
B1Zone 420.80.0620.0566
B1Zone 520.80.06270.0573
B1Zone 620.80.06340.0579
B2Zone 120.80.05980.0547
B2Zone 220.80.06050.0553
B2Zone 320.80.06130.056
B2Zone 420.80.0620.0566
B2Zone 520.80.06270.0573
B2Zone 620.80.06340.0579